Military Officers Association of America
Southwest Illinois Chapter

Chapter Advocacy Efforts

The Southwest Illinois chapter of the Military Association of America is involved in many Advocacy initiatives for those servicemembers still on active duty, as well as veterans. Read on for additional information including how you can become involved.

Initiative Description
Food Insecurity at Scott AFB
We have an opportunity to help those currently serving airmen with their food insecurity issue. In case you hadn't noticed, since January 2023 inflation is up, gas price is up, food prices are up, rent is up, utilities are up, and the entire cost of living is up! But, the young airmen serving at Scott AFB are not making any more money than they did starting in January 2023. Many of those youngsters are finding it hard to make ends meet, especially if they live off-base, but even those who live on base. The Basic Needs Allowance (BNA) in the Fiscal Year 2022 NDAA provided up to $400 to the young enlisted folks to help with food insecurity, but cost of living has gone well above that. And they had to give up their eligibility for food stamps!

The Southwest IL Chapter is leading a Food Drive for the young airmen, along with the 375th First Sergeants Council, to provide about a week's worth of food to the families in need. We're working on getting non-perishable donations from the base population and general public, along with some of the local food pantries. And, of course, our membership is welcome to donate non-perishables along with everyone else.

What we really need from you is a monetary donation. Our membership stands at 96. If every member were to donate $10, we would raise nearly $1000! And if the spouses also gave $10 with the Chapter member, we would nearly double that number. Donations are also being sought from outside sources, and even from MOAA, but we need about $5,000 for the proteins and produce (meats & dairy) to accompany the non-perishable donations. With your help, we can really make an impact on the community, especially those serving. Let them know that our organization cares enough to help out these young airmen at a very important time of the year. Please, please, please consider a $10 donation, or more if you can! But any size of donation will be accepted. Thanks for helping us help those who serve. And if anyone would like to be on the committee to assist, please let one of your Board members know.

If you have questions, please contact the chapter at
Fisher House and St Louis USO
Our chapter continues to support the St Louis Fisher House and United Service Organization (USO).

This is how you can help:
  1. Contribute to the campaign. Checks should be made out to St Louis USO or Fisher House St Louis. You may contribute to both or just to the one of your choice. Please prepare separate checks. You can give it to the Chapter Fisher Hourse/USO rep or any board member, or mail the checks to:
    Southwest IL MOAA
    PO Box 735
    Fallon, IL 62269
  2. If you are a member of a group, consider doing your own mini drive, either the snacks or money.
  3. Depending on which JROTC units participate, help the with Chapter Fisher Hourse/USO rep pick-up and store the items during the drive.
  4. Help deliver the items to the Fisher House and USO. It can take multiple vehicles to handle the deliveries in one trip.
If you have questions, please contact the chapter at