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MOAA SW IL 5-Star Award
The Southwest Illinois Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is a professional organization of military officers supporting the efforts of a nationally chartered veteran organization comprised of more than 320 chapters that is defending the interests of active duty, Reserve component, and retired military members to the national legislature. Within our local area, we support other veteran organizations supporting our men and women currently serving and those who have served.

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President's Message

It's another Presidential election year! If you haven't registered to vote, please do so and don't wait. If you know others who need to register, please help them out. Our Republic is built on the involvement of every eligible citizen participating in our democratic process. Let's be sure that all who are eligible, can and do vote this year in the primaries as well as the general election. It’s your civic duty.
I came across an interesting bit of information regarding taxes for personal property purchases for active duty personnel in Illinois. Enacted as of January 1, 2024, Senate Bill 1705 amends the tax law so that a series of tax exemptions will be given to active duty members of the US armed forces provided they purchase the personal property using a form of payment where the federal government is the payor. Use this link——to read the text of the bill. The applicable item is located all the way at the end (#48) of the text.
The three items selected for Advocacy in Action (AiA) are Concurrent Receipt (The Major Richard Star Act), Full Housing Allowance, and TRICARE for Life. The MOAA website has more information on these three items. Please have a look and see how you can help by sending messages to our elected representatives. Expect that the COLA for 2025 will not be as high as the previous two years (8.7% in 2023 and 5.9% in 2024), but should be higher than the lowest we have seen recently (1.3% in 2021) at 1.4%. Inflation appears to be slowing down.
Thank you for your service to the nation, the State, the community, and this Chapter. God bless you, the men and women who serve in the military today, our leaders, our elected representatives, and this great United States of America.