Military Officers Association of America
Southwest Illinois Chapter

Our Mission
MOAA SW IL 5-Star Award
The Southwest Illinois Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is a professional organization of military officers supporting the efforts of a nationally chartered veteran organization comprised of more than 320 chapters that is defending the interests of active duty, Reserve component, and retired military members to the national legislature. Within our local area, we support other veteran organizations supporting our men and women currently serving and those who have served.

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President's Message

Welcome June! This year, our Chapter celebrates 37 years of service. Established on June 24, 1986, the initial group of intrepid officers played a major role in local, State, and National issues dealing with military benefits. They were instrumental in championing several wins for our military personnel with regard to TRICARE, pay policies, and surviving spouse issues. They also built the foundation for young adults from Illinois to receive grants, interest free loans, and scholarships within the MOAA National Scholarship Fund. We owe a great deal to those pioneers who established the Southwest Chapter and endeavor to hold to the commitment to Never Stop Serving! To that end, let me recount the activities of the 2022 year that supported our input for the Level of Excellence Award:
  • Taking action on legislative issues addressing military service, families, and benefits
  • Meeting legislators to discuss those legislative issues
  • Meeting on a regular basis to disseminate State and National legislative information and provide programs of interest to the membership
  • Supporting the community through involvement with other organizations
  • Donating funds and committing time and resources to various organizations, such as Fisher House, USO, Wilt Foundation, Leadership Council of Southwestern Illinois, and Scott AFB Retiree Affairs
  • Maintaining a relationship with ROTC and JROTC units, providing gold bars and MOAA medals to selected recipients
  • Sustaining a scholarship fund for legacy and JROTC recipients
  • Maintaining a Surviving Spouse liaison
  • Maintaining a viable communications program, award-winning newsletter, and current website
  • Continuing to recruit new members and retain current members
  • Participating in scheduled National events and State Council meetings
Our area of responsibility has nearly tripled in the last couple of years due to the closing of several other chapters, and we have the potential to do so much more for the military community in all of southern Illinois now. We have three representatives in Congress in our area, but they only meet with constituents who live in their Districts, so we need help with those contacts. We've heard from several organizations in Illinois and across the river in St Louis that support veterans and could use our support. Let's ensure that our Chapter continues to positively impact and influence local, State, and National issues for our military. Thank you all for your help in sustaining the Southwest Chapter. God bless you, all the families who commit to support military service, our elected leaders and representatives who rely on the strength of this nation’s military force, and especially the One Nation to which we all are committed.