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MOAA SW IL 5-Star Award
The Southwest Illinois Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is a professional organization of military officers supporting the efforts of a nationally chartered veteran organization comprised of more than 320 chapters that is defending the interests of active duty, Reserve component, and retired military members to the national legislature. Within our local area, we support other veteran organizations supporting our men and women currently serving and those who have served. We meet monthly on the second Saturday evening of each month at a different location from September to June and feature guest speakers from the area who are of interest to our membership. We also sponsor annual scholarship awards for children, grandchildren, or relatives of Chapter members. Our annual Scholarship Auction raises funds for the scholarships locally and nationally. We welcome your participation and membership in the national and chapter organization.

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President's Message

Remember the Maine! This cry in February 1898 served as the motivation for volunteers needed to fight in the Spanish-American War after the battleship Maine was attacked in Havana Harbor, killing nearly three-fourths of the crew. The call to arms has always been answered eagerly when the cause is just. But, not all volunteers are accepted to serve at the front lines, and for those not selected, there are other ways to serve. In February 1941, the United Services Organization (USO) was incorporated in New York City, marking the start of a service to men and women in the armed forces that continues today. I'm sure everyone can recall the likes of Bob Hope and other Hollywood personalities who offered a bit of "home" as they entertained troops in harm's way defending liberty and justice around the world. And it continues wherever men and women serve throughout the world today. Several airports provide areas where servicemembers can stop in and receive respite as they travel. Your contributions collected by our Chapter and delivered in March/April of each year helps the Missouri USO provide the services that are happily used by all servicemembers, from the new recruits headed to Fort Leonard Wood for training, to the retirees looking for a quiet place to relax while waiting on their travel or loved ones traveling. Please consider helping out again this year with a generous contribution of either monetary or goods (toiletries, snacks, etc.) when our drive begins. Through your actions, we are serving those who are or have served. You can also volunteer to work at the USO in Lambert-St Louis International Airport, physically serving those who visit the location. In my opinion, this USO is one of, if not THE, best run airport USOs in the world.

The Southwest Illinois Chapter supports several charities and agencies in our cantonment area, which now includes nearly all the southern part of the state. I thank you for your membership, dedication, and contributions, adhering to the MOAA slogan-"Never Stop Serving!" Without you, we are not able to provide and avail ourselves to the support needed. God bless you, our men and women who volunteer to stand in the gap, our veterans, retirees, and surviving spouses, our local, state, and national elected representatives and leaders, and this great United States of America!