Military Officers Association of America
Southwest Illinois Chapter


Past President's Messages
Sep 2022
Congratulations Southwest Chapter! We are a 2021 5-Star Level of Excellence Award winner!! I will represent the Chapter at the LOE Award Dinner on October 28 in Kansas City. Thanks to the efforts of all who contribute to the work we do in the community, in the State, and nationally! It's more than just a glitzy write-up that gets noticed, it is the effort of everyone to contribute to our scholarship fundraiser, the collecting of donations in goods and monies for the St Louis Fisher House and Missouri USO, attend meetings, contact our elected representatives, and continue to make our Chapter viable. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your past service, and for your choice to continue your service. We are poised to do it all again this year, but we will need some help as those who carried the weight last year have completed their mission and need to be replaced. So, please consider helping out our Chapter and the community by being part of the success. God bless you, our membership, those who served and are currently serving in the greatest armed force in the world, those who are elected to serve the people, and this great nation of ours, the United States of America!

June 2022
We are approaching a defining moment as a Chapter in the Illinois Council, and struggling. This situation is serious. On April 6, the Illinois Council Board, Chapter Presidents of the three active Chapters in Illinois, and I will meet to discuss setting the catchment boundaries for the four remaining Chapters under the Illinois Council. In the last 4 years, five of our nine Chapters have closed. Southwest currently has the most Chapter members of the four, and we are on the verge of tripling our responsible catchment area. I say this not to frighten you into retreating, but to make you aware that we hold the key to keeping the grass roots support for military and veteran issues and causes in our area. We can choose to make a stand just as 185 volunteers did at the Alamo, or we can turn our backs on our fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, public health officers, and others, and let Congress have its way with our benefits and entitlements. Many of you have served and served and continue to serve. I thank you for your dedication and loyalty. There are others who may be able to serve with our Board, but may be afraid of overcommitting their time. If you don't want to be burdened by Congressional legislation affecting the military community, I implore you to become involved and help us make a stand for what has been promised, for those who have served, for those who are serving, and to preserve for the future the strong national defense that this nation has always been able to rely on. You won't regret it. Please help me out by letting me know that you want to get involved. Even just a little bit would help. Send me an e-mail. I promise I won't make you serve as least not right away. God bless you, those who serve today in defense of freedom, and this great country.